What Is Your Career Site Bounce Rate?

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Wikipedia’s definition of Bounce Rate: Bounce Rate represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.

So how does Bounce Rate impact talent acquisition efforts? Good web traffic to your career site does not always equal a high level of candidate response. Let’s use recent monthly data from one of our client’s career sites as an example:

  • 585 Visitors – Job Aggregator
  • 304 Visitors – National Job Boards

On the surface, the aggregator would seem to be the clear driver of candidates to their career site. But, not so fast- A look at the Bounce Rate shows:

  • 74.01% Bounce Rate – Job Aggregator
  • 23.76% Bounce Rate – National Job Boards

So, using Bounce Rate data we see a potential different story unfolding on candidates moving to next steps in the online application process:

  • 152 Visitors – Job Aggregator
  • 232 Visitors – National Job Boards

Bounce Rate can lead you to a key metric on the performance of your online advertising efforts; when subtracted from simple visitor count a much more powerful metric is delivered.

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