Recruit with Facts, Not Fiction

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72.8% of all new hires come from maximizing 4 candidate sources.

According to the CareerXroads Source of External Hires Survey, a majority of new hires can be traced back to one of four leading candidate sources.  What sources are not in the 72.8%?

Source of Hire – Under 5%               2012                2011                2010

Walk-ins                                            0.3%                0.8%                0.7%

Career Fairs                                       1.2%                1.9%                1.8%

Temp/Contract-to-Hire                         1.5%                2.1%                2.4%

Print                                                  2.3%                2.2%                2.0%

Social Media                                      2.9%                3.5%                NA

3rd Party                                           3.1%                2.8%                2.3%

Rehires                                              3.3%                4.3%                2.8%

Relying on one or a combination of the above sources for recruiting talent means you are likely missing out on building larger and deeper candidate pools to meet your talent needs.  You must work directly to maximize all recruiting resources, including those that produced 72.8% of all new hires.

Recently a new client had tried everything from staffing agencies to 3rd party recruiters to print ads – it was not working!  New approach deployed, qualified candidates screened and 3 offers acceptance all within 20 days.  Higher quality talent and a recruiting cost reduction of 68% over temp-to-hire costs!

What’s the risk in taking a few minutes to learn more on how our strategies are working for others?  At the very least, we will share with you what sources made up 72.8% of hires in 2012.


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