Major Job Boards: Cost Increasing, Value Decreasing?

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There has been a lot of talk about the major job boards losing their share of the online recruitment market. Studies have shown that niche sites and social networking have impacted the reach of the two major boards. (Our analytics show that there is clearly only two major paid job sites for the U.S. market)
We thought it would be interesting to look at what has happened to the published rates for a job listing on each site from 2005 to present:

Job Board A – 16.7% rate increase
Job Board B – 2.3% rate decrease
We will be the first to argue that there is still value in having major job board usage as part of your total recruitment plan. In the case of Job Board A, the question is whether or not their impact on attracting top talent has increased over the last five years to justify a 17% increase.

Tracking and analytics must play a role in evaluating what online recruitment resources are delivering the most ROI. A “post and pray” approach using one or both major job boards will likely fall short in attracting top talent and delivering high ROI.

So, which job board has had the 17% increase? Contact us to find out.

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