Instigate Has Gone Sourcing 3.0 with Semantic Search!

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It is no secret recruiters have used the Internet for years to find the most qualified candidates. A majority of these efforts have involved keyword searching on resume databases and social network sites. The next wave of Internet search is already underway and Instigate is ready to deliver the results to you. Welcome to Semantic Search!

Semantic Search shifts the focus from ‘keyword’ sourcing to the ‘actual’ meanings found within resumes and job descriptions. At the heart of semantic search is search engine and ranking technology which enables our Internet searches to be ‘trained’ to identify the equivalent meanings of terms found in resumes. No two company job descriptions or candidate resumes are written alike, semantic search is able to find hidden matches that current rigid searches would normally overlook.

The value of Semantic Search:

Better Candidates

By improving and automating the searching of a large number of different passive and active candidate sources, Instigate is able to provide you with results on the best matched individuals from tens of thousands of potential candidates found on the Internet.

Faster Hires

Instigate is now able to filter out near-match candidates far more effectively than traditional Internet search efforts. Semantic Search allows us to filter and rank results automatically to greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to sort through lesser qualified candidates.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Our team can focus more time on recruiting and candidate management – not just candidate sourcing. Finding qualified candidates in a fraction of the time of traditional search means less time and money wasted on searching through hundreds of thousands of candidates and interviewing near-matches. Semantic Search will help us match you with your top talent faster.

Semantic Search is now active with all TalentAssist™ – Enterprise-Wide Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. We are excited to add this capability to our service offerings as we focus on delivering to our valued clients best-in-class recruitment processes, technology and resources. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we are putting Semantic Search to work for you.

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Key Service Values

  • Reduce Hiring Cost
  • Improve Candidate Quality
  • Shorten Time-to-Hire
  • Drive Employer Branding
  • Free Up Internal Staff
  • Lower Agency Usage