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Caution- Keep it Social

Feb 17, 2011   //   by Instigate   //   Blog, Social Media  //  Comments Off on Caution- Keep it Social

When is the last time you did not hear something about social networking and its use in recruiting? Maybe it is a week, couple of days or a few minutes!

In fact, 45% of organizations plan to increase the use of technologies that link to social networks, such as LinkedIn© and Facebook©, during the recruitment process. [DoubleStar Recruitment Report] To interact or collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content sounds like the perfect match for sourcing top talent. Hey, social networking is hot, hot, hot and everyone is onboard. So, it is time to go full steam ahead with social networking for recruiting in 2011, right?

Social networking should play a role in your recruitment strategies; but don’t turn completely away from other resources. In many cases, the rules of engagement are still being formulated when it comes to social networking and talent recruitment. Our advice at this time is to “Keep it Social”:

Think of social networking like an extension of your employee referral program.

Find ways to have your employees add content or post. Don’t force your employees – but if they want to, make it easy for them to do it.

The largest users of social networking [Gen X/Gen Y] are very protective of their networks. They are starting to show signs [and results from recent studies are confirming] that they will gain an increasingly negative view of a company who is attempting to use social networking as a marketing tool for products, services and careers.

Yes, social networking for recruiting is in the fast lane; but at some point it will hit the first speed bump or maybe even something bigger [can you say “bubble”]. During this period of rapid adoption; taking the right steps when adding or enhancing your use of social networking will provide you with the flexibility you need to increase or decrease your future efforts as needed.

Christi Schreyer
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